How Reborn dolls help support kids

How Reborn dolls help support kids
1. Building Social Skills

Kids who are in the early stages of developing their social skills with their peers can continue to re-enact situations and conversations in their pretend play with their dolls. With their imagination, kids can create scenarios and play different characters, which allows them to develop empathy and learn what it’s like to see things from a different perspective. Understanding this is so important for a child to develop lifelong communication skills.

2. Learning Responsibility

Kids who play with dolls learn to care and nurture others, and focus on the well-being of those around them. When children change the diapers and clothes of their reborn dolls, feed them, soothe them with their pacifiers, etc., they are re-enacting the nurturing relationship between parents and children, which allows them to see themselves in a new role. Children who have little siblings or siblings on the way can greatly benefit from practicing taking care of others with their reborn dolls and understanding responsibility.

3. Developing Their Communication

At a time when kids are confused and are trying to understand the world around them, they sometimes don’t know how to express themselves to the people in their lives. Dolls can be an incredible support for “listening” to children tell them how they feel. Kids can practice using words and phrases that they are still learning with their reborn dolls, and have their dolls as an outlet to articulate their emotions.

4.  Building Their Imagination

When children develop their imagination at a young age and create fantasies, they are working out ways to understand their world in a place that is safe for them to do so – in their own minds. Reborn dolls can help children use their imagination to bring their made-up stories to life, which can help greatly in building their problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

5. Getting a Good Night's Rest

With changes to their routine and activity levels, it is so important for children to maintain their regular sleep schedule to help with their moods and overall health.

As family physician Dr. Roshan Mahtani, MD from the Florida Medical Clinic says, “Dolls provide comfort and security to young children who have anxiety around bedtime, and the rhythmic pulse of the battery-operated heart-beat with this particular doll helps kids self-soothe when they hold her close”.
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