Reborn dolls for therapy

Reborn dolls for therapy
Lovers of reborn dolls refer to the emotional response to holding a doll as hug therapy. Studies have shown that hugging a baby releases hormones that produce emotional well-being, and some psychologists believe this may also happen with artificial dolls. A psychiatrist explained that having a real newborn baby releases oxytocin in the mother's body, positing that this explains why "reborn mothers" are emotionally attached to reborn dolls.

In our daily life, people feel tiresome and dull after a day’s work. But when they come back home, they would feel joys from their children. Reborn baby that looks like real baby can also bring happiness and joys to their life. These dolls can help improve autism and develop communication skills.

Take kid Alexanda for example, these dolls help him get out of isolation and relive childhood times. In fact, many parents treat those dolls as a real baby. This fake baby is also a good companion for Alexanda.

For new mothers, reborn dolls are also very useful when it comes to adapt to life with the real child. No matter for kids or new mothers, those reborn dolls exerts an important effect in their life. Kid can play with fake baby to develop imagination, social skills and communication. New mother can ease their mental illness through interaction with those reborn dolls after adoption.
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