You konw Necessary for making reborn dolls?

You konw Necessary for making reborn dolls?
Basic reborning necessities such as limbs, faces, heads, paint brushes, eyelashes, acrylic/glass eyes, weighting pellets, 'heat set' or air dry paints, cloth bodies, cable ties, cosmetic foam wedges, cotton dipped applicators, and glue.  Hair is an optional choice to add to a doll. Fine mohair, human hair, or wigs are usually used, but it is found in a variety of types. Rooting tools are utilized for this process and are available in numerous sizes There are several sizes for reborn dolls, ranging from “preemies,” or smaller dolls, to regular-sized dolls. A finished reborn doll can range from mere inches to the size of a small child. The smaller the number the thicker the needle which will grab more hair and leave a bigger hole in the head of the doll.  Eyes for a reborn doll are offered in a variety of color and sizes.
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